Library: New literature on WWI thanks to the Erasmus+-project "To Hell and Back"

Thanks to the Erasmus+ project our school has received a number of modern, academic books on WWI and sources of research for students as well as teachers.

Mr. Schweizer, Coordinator of the Erasmus+-project, is handing over the books to Mr. Görtler, the Head of the History Department, and Mr. Pfaffendorf, the Headmaster.

Final event: A night at the ... LeWaZi movies

After lots of work, two exciting trips to France and Italy, and many, many more experiences the Erasmus+-project ended as it had begun two years before: at the movies.

This time our location was a special one, as we had the opportunity to use the premises of the LeWaZi on our campus, a fantastic event organised every second year at the end of July by teachers and pupils of the Leonhard-Wagner-Schulen.

The pupils who participated in the "Geschichtswettbewerb des Bundespräsidenten" were also given their certificates as well as some little presents for their work, contribution and support in the past two years.

Then a last trip back into the hell of World War I started, as the events of the Battle of the Somme unfolded as well as the tragic love story of a young British-French couple that had met in Amiens (North France) years before the war and would be marked by the violent and tragic developments of the years 1916-18 for their entire life.

Travel Journal Italy (17th - 23th February 2019)

During our trip to Reggio Emilia in February 2019 we visited the Great War Museum at Rovereto and found out that the Alpine front was very close to the Lake Garda. Today this historic deathbed of thousands of soldiers has been transformed into a walk, that is perpetrated by tourists commemorating the events of that period. It is called the "Sentiero della Pace" (peace trail). We also had two exciting trips to Parma and Bologna.

The photos of that exchange week can be viewed following the link below:

Photo Journal: Reggio Emilia (17th - 23th February)
The pupils have collected some of the memories of that week which can be read below (in German)